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About Us


Dhansak & Co. is the first Zoroastrian streetwear brand - and it’s about time!

Around the world, we constantly hear that our religion is fading out, that we will be a tribe in 50 years, and that the youth are no longer interested in identifying with their faith.

We refuse to uphold that belief.

Dhansak & Co. was created by Zoroastrians for Zoroastrians, to challenge the idea that we are diminishing and instead make ourselves more visible in popular culture.

Showing Zoroastrian culture through the lens of modern streetwear -- a style associated with an unapologetic, powerful boldness -- Dhansak & Co is for the Zoroastrian who wants to wear their identity on their sleeve and start conversations about their faith and community within the diaspora.

Based in Toronto, Dhansak & Co. began at the beginning of 2019 as a means to create clothing for Zoroastrians. With popular South Asian streetwear brands as a guide, we realized there wasn't a Zoroastrian apparel brand so we decided to make our ideas a reality.